Frequently Asked Questions About Renting Space at 263 Marketplace


How much will it cost me to become a merchant at 263 Marketplace?

There are a number of things to consider:

1.                  Our lease rates start at $1.00 per square foot per week.  We bill monthly and take the weekly rate times 52 weeks in a year and divide by 12 months for the monthly rate.  For example, a 10'x10', 100 sq ft booth is $100/week or $5,200/yr or $433.33/month.

2.                  In our food area (hot and cold water) the rate starts at $1.12 per sq ft per week

3.                  There is an application fee of $125.00 ($250.00 for food vendors) that is refundable only if your application is declined.

4.                  You will need a security deposit equal to one month's rent.

5.                  The first month's rent is due before you move in.

6.                  Warminster Township requires a Mercantile License that costs $50.00/year (see below)

7.                  Warminster Township requires a Use and Occupancy permit for your space/booth that is a one time charge (see below)

8.                  You will need liability insurance from an insurance company of your choosing.  Prices vary based on your product.  Contact the agent of your homeowners insurance regarding a policy like this if you don't already have liability insurance for your business.

9.                  You may wish to purchase a security curtain to secure your booth.  The cost is $25 per linear foot installed and for a typical 10 foot opening would cost $250.00 (more details below).

10.              You will be charged for utilities beyond what a simple 15 amp outlet can provide (more than enough for a cash register and other electronics).  We will discuss additional needs and charges with you before you sign a lease.

11.              If you are going to sell prepared foods, you will need a license from the Bucks County Health Department and the fees vary.  You are also responsible for the costs of your equipment as well the installation of them (sinks, electrical, refrigeration) using a registered, licensed (in Warminster Township) plumber/electrician.  We can provide you with the name and number of our plumber/electrician and you may contract directly with them if you wish.  Since they are familiar with the building, there is less learning curve time.


Is there a check list of what I must do to get started?

  • Have an approved application with payment.
  • Have a signed lease.
  • Paid your security deposit, first month's rent and any construction charges in full
  • Provided us with a copy of your Pennsylvania Sales Tax License
  • Provided us with a copy of your Warminster Township Mercantile License.
  • Provided us a copy of your liability insurance naming us as an additional insured.
  • Completed and paid for your Use and Uccupancy permit.
  • Have your tax, mercantile and food establishment licenses posted (if applicable)


How long are your leases?

Typically, our leases are for an initial 3 month term and will automatically renew, at your option, for 1 more year.  You need to let us know 30 days before the end of the 3 months if you do not wish to renew or your lease will renew for 1 year.  If you are looking for a longer initial lease or other lease terms we would be happy to discuss your needs with you.


Do you have temporary or daily space?

Our market is designed for permanent vendors.  We have some limited space for a temporary rental.  You need to be sponsored and known to an existing merchant in good standing and your product must be approved by management.  You will be limited to two consecutive weekends semi-annually.  Charges vary based on space required and payment is required in advance.  A license to collect Pennsylvania Sales Tax is required and must be provided.


Do you have outdoor space?

At this time we have no plans to offer outside space.


What am I allowed to sell?

We offer a non-compete (see Marketplace Rules) so if someone else in the market sells the same thing or something similar you may not be able to do so.  We do not allow any counterfeit merchandise.  If merchandise like this is found in your booth, you will be in violation of your lease and may be ejected and lose your security deposit.  You may not sell explosives, flammables or other inherently dangerous substances, chemicals, things or devices.  Questionable items will be removed by the Management if it is judged a poor reflection on the market.  Merchants shall not misrepresent or make false claims about any merchandise for sale.  Check out our current vendor list on our website for an initial check to see if your merchandise would compete with an existing merchant.  Some merchandise types may allow for multiple merchants so please check with us before ruling in or out your merchandise.


Do I have to be at my booth every day the market is open?

Yes.  For the success of all of our tenants, you must be able to staff your booth when the market is open.  The only exception to this is for the occasional emergency or illness.  We are aware that you may take a weekend off in the winter or summer for a vacation but you should make us aware of this.  You should mark your booth accordingly or try to find someone to cover for you.  You will not be credited for any days your booth is not open.


When is the market open?  Can I get in to my booth when the market is closed?

Our business hours are posted on our website at  The market opens � to 1 hour before the public hours for vendors.  The market will be open for vendors ONLY on Thursday from 9-3 for vendor setup.  Access outside of these hours is by appointment only and at the convenience, safety and security of our staff. 


May I leave my product in my booth?  Will it be safe?  Do I need a security curtain?
Our market is designed to allow our merchants to leave their merchandise in their booths during the week when the market is closed.  The market is protected with a UL listed, central station monitored burglary and fire detection system.  There will be times during the week that our staff is in the market cleaning the floors and restrooms, customizing booths or showing potential tenants the market and the market will be open on Thursday's for vendors.  You may leave your product as it is, you may cover your tables with sheets or you may purchase a security curtain.  We have an arrangement with an awning company that can provide you with a vinyl curtain that meets fire code requirements for $25 per linear foot installed by our staff.  You must provide the lock(s).  When you decide to terminate your lease you may take the curtain with you or you may leave it and we will attempt to sell it to the next tenant and have them write a check directly to you.  Anything attached to the walls must meet fire code.  'Blue Tarps' from the home center do not meet this code and are only permitted as long as an order for a permanent curtain is in process.  These tarps also do not allow for a unified appearance in the market.


How big or small of a booth can I rent?

Our booths are as small as 40 square feet and as large as 2000 or more square feet.  The majority of our booths are 80-120 sq ft and 120-150 sq ft in our food area.  Exactly what is available at a given moment varies based on our current leases and vacancies.  Please contact the management office for current availability.


If I need more space can I get a bigger booth if I am in the middle of my lease?

If there is a vacancy and space is available we will consider moving your booth.  You may be required to sign a new lease with a new term and there may be a small administrative fee.


May I paint and decorate my booth?

Yes.  You are encouraged to paint and outfit (shelves, grid wall, slat wall, flooring) your booth in such a way that will make you successful.  Nothing you do should harm the floor or cause structural issues.  Talk with us before hanging shelves and such and we will give you some hints as to the construction.  Some of our walls have metal studs, others wood and others - lath on cinder block (outside walls).


Where do I get the 'street signs' I see on many of the booths?

The 'street signs' showing your business name and booth number were the idea of one of our merchants.  They are not required but we encourage you to have one.  The sign may be ordered from 'The Banner Girl' in booth 127 for about $20.  We will hang it for you free of charge.


When can I start decorating and/or loading merchandise in my booth?

Once you have signed a lease and paid your entrance fee, security deposit and first month's rent.


Where do I go to get my Warminster Township Mercantile License?
This is handled by Berkheimer Tax Administrators.  They are located at 1101 Little Lane, Room 10, Warminster, PA  18974, 215-441-9125.  This is the Warminster Recreation and Education Center building.  Their hours are: Monday 2:00pm-7:00pm, Tuesday-Friday 9:00am-1:30pm.


How do I get a Use and Occupancy Permit?

The application is available in the management office.  You will be asked to complete it at the time you sign your lease and leave us a check payable to Warminster Township.  The building inspector routinely stops by and collects applications/checks from our office saving you the headache of this process.  There is a fee payable to Warminster Township for the permit and the amount is determined by the township.  The fee has been running from $50 to $150 because the township has still not made a permanent decision as to the fee.  We are sorry that we can not be more specific but would direct inquires directly to the Township.


Must I collect sales tax?

Yes.  You are required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to collect and remit sales tax.  You can register online by going to  If you do not have internet access, forms are available in the management office.  You must provide us with a copy of your license before you can start conducting business.


Can you suggest someplace for me to purchase fixtures for my booth?

Yes.  We have a limited amount of fixtures available for sale and we also suggest Gershel Brothers (  7500 State Road, Philadelphia, PA  19136, 800-962-5307.  They carry new and used store fixtures and their used supply changes almost daily.


Must I accept credit cards for payment?

No.  An ATM machine is on site for customers.  If you are interested in accepting credit cards, a number of acquirers have provided information about their services and is available in the management office.


Do you have internet access?

Wireless internet access is available to merchants free of charge.  Since a number of merchants rely on this access to process credit card transactions we ask that you limit your consumption of bandwidth and refrain from using such services as Pandora Radio, YouTube and be courteous to your fellow internet users.  The access code for the wireless WEP key is available from the management office.


May I get an individual telephone line to my booth?

You may have installed at your expense a POTS (plain old telephone service) line to your booth.  You would be responsible for the monthly charges as well.  Contact the management office for inside wiring charges.


May I install additional lighting in my booth?

Yes.  We have some track lighting available for purchase and installation at a very reasonable cost or you may purchase your own and have a licensed electrician install it.  Depending on usage there may be a small monthly utility charge.  Contact the management office before this work is begun.


Do I have to pay for snow removal or to cut the grass?

No.  All grounds keeping is our expense and included with the rent you pay.


When do I get my Security Deposit back?

Once you have vacated your booth and left it in good condition we will cut a check for you in 5-7 business days and mail it to you.  Your security deposit may not be applied to your last month's rent.


What sort of advertising do you do and will it cost me anything?

An advertising budget has been established and is included as part of your rent.  We use any number of methods of advertising from newspaper to direct mail to radio to our website to events.  There is no charge for this.  You may voluntarily, from time to time as space and availability dictate, add to our advertisements a 'call out' to your business for a varying charge based on the size of your call out and the total cost of the ad.  As an example this might be a business card size space in part of our total ad.  The charge will be dependent on the total cost of the ad.  We also have a webpage on which your business will be listed and a simple one page informational page will be made available to you or a link can be given you your existing website.  Please provide our webmaster ( with a few sentences about your business and any links to your own website.  For a fee, our marketing department may be able to produce a short YouTube video about your business for inclusion on your page on the website.  We also have an active FaceBook presence with a growing number of 'fans'.


I have more questions or I want to get started.  What now?
Contact us at info@263marketplace or call us at 267-960-8800 with additional questions or to set up an appointment to see the market.  If you come when the market is open we can not guarantee that we will be able to meet with you but we will do our best.  It is best to make an appointment so that we can give you the attention you deserve.  Please download our application and have it filled out or complete one on-line before your appointment.