Rates: (Some areas within the market will carry a negotible premium based on locations.  Ask for details.)

Square feet

Indoor Market Rate
Per sq ft Per Week
(Crafts, House wares, Jewelry,
Antiques, etc.)

Farm Market Rate
Per sq ft per week
(Produce, Bakery Items, Meats,Candy)

Less than 500



Greater than

call for details

call for details
Marketplace Rules:

Booths and Furnishings
Each Vendor must confine their selling activities, merchandise, equipment and supplies to their lease area.  Sound emitting devices which can be heard outside of a booth area are not permitted.  Vendor is responsible for the fit out of their booth.  Vendors shall supply suitable waste disposal containers for the convenience of users of the booth and the vendor’s customers to keep the market free of refuse.

Non compete

The Marketplace has offered/granted exclusive rights for the main products for certain vendors in the past. Management will consider new requests for exclusivity for new vendors for their main products on a case by case basis.  No vendor may significantly change their product line without written approval from management to insure no conflicts exist. This exclusivity, when granted, is provided to Tenants in good standing.  It will become null and void if:
a) Tenant defaults under the terms of the lease beyond the cure period.
b) The demised premises are no longer being used for the primary use for which the exclusivity was granted.


You need to staff your booth. In short absences, (Bank run, food or drink run) you should ask a nearby vendor to watch your booth until you return. In emergency situations, please notify the marketplace manager. They will assist with securing your booth.

Existing Walls
May be painted by vendor - colors to be approved by the marketplace manager.

Additional Lighting
May be used – fixtures available from 263 Marketplace

ELECTRIC-GAS- WATER AND HOT WATER CHARGES will be estimates based on usage charts from PECO.

Trash Disposal
Small charge per bag - someone from 263 Marketplace will collect daily.

You will use the 263 Marketplace contractors for all work.  The Plumbing Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Roofing Contractor, and Construction Contractor names and numbers are available from the 263 Marketplace Manager.

Will be available @2.00 per month per sq ft.  It will be lockable but not considered high security.
You may bolt storage (safe) to the floor by contacting the construction contractor.  It will be located in the rear warehouse area or you may mount a small safe in your booth.

To promote sales, Management has a budget set aside for advertising and marketing.  From time to time there may be opportunities for tenants to "piggy back" on our advertising medium for an added fee that will vary based on the medium used.  Participation in such opportunities is voluntary.  Opportunities will be announced via regular tenant email newsletters. 

The vendor/tenant must submit any and all build-out plans to the landlord and have same approval by the landlord, before any build-out can be done. It is incumbent upon the vendor/tenant to submit such plans on a timely basis in order to allow all appropriate landlord personnel time to review and request any changes deemed necessary without the vendor/tenant having to endure any delay in getting their booth functional pertaining to the build-out. The landlord shall not incur any liability for any lost business on the part of the vendor/tenant as a result of such delay.

Returning Booth to As Received Condition
When exiting the market at the expiration of the vendor's lease or when moving locations in the marketplace, The Tenant shall return the booth to the Landlord in as-received condition. That is; walls painted satin white, any wall penetrations patched and painted, floor returned to as-received condition, and any build-outs by Tenant 

Booth Appearance
Vendors must maintain the atmosphere, décor, cleanliness, and professionalism of their booth to the satisfaction of management. The floor must be kept free of debris. Signage must have a professional quality and be consistent in font and color (no hand drawn signs). The booth needs to have an appearance of fullness of inventory and product neatly displayed.

263 Marketplace, their representative, nor any employees will be responsible for injury, loss or damage that may occur to the Vendor or the Vendor’s employees or property from any cause whatsoever.  The Vendor upon the signing of this lease agreement hereby releases 263 Marketplace from any and all claims for such loss, damage or injury.

Fire Safety
All booths and decorations must comply with facility regulations and local fire codes.  Any violations will result in the removal of materials. No cardboard, gasoline, propane or other combustible materials can be stored in booths,

No smoking is allowed at any time within 263 Marketplace or on its property. 

No animals are permitted in the Marketplace except to assist individuals with disabilities.

Supplies and Equipment
Vendors will supply their own bags, tables, fixtures and other items needed to operate their stands.  263 Marketplace will have a limited amount of supplies available for sale.  If selling by weight rather than volume, scales must be licensed and inspected.  To help with security all purchased products should be bagged.

Health Requirements

Vendors must follow Bucks County Department of Health regulations when handling food.  Food vendors are responsible for complying with state laws concerning preparation and labeling of baked, processed and perishable foods.  Put in health dept contact info here

Security for Booth

263 Marketplace is not responsible for any loss or damage to the booth or the property of Vendor caused by the removal of any property therein by any authorized or unauthorized person, or any act of repossession, resale or other removal by other persons.  Security Material Walls by Gainor Awnings will be installed@ 25.00 per linear foot. Order through 263 Marketplace and we will install. Sample material is in Market office

Permits and Taxes

Vendors are responsible for all licenses required to sell their products.  Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying sales tax on items requiring payment of sales tax.  Warminster Township License and Inspection must be contacted to obtain required permits and licenses.

Prior Day Set Up

263 Marketplace will be open Thursdays from 12:00 to 4:00 for set up

Cleaning your Booth

You will have access to a mop sink for washing floors. All booths are expected to be kept clean by each vendor. 263Marketplace will clean all common areas.

Loading Docks

Will be locked at all times unless you contact a market person to unlock the door.  The market person will stay there to lock the door when finished.  Goods need to be removed immediately from the dock area.  Small shipments can go through the front door and you may use a market platform truck to haul goods.

Cleaning  Service

263 Marketplace will provide cleaning service for the open areas, bathrooms, hallways, corridors and the seating area for restaurant traffic.

Merchandise Restrictions
Merchants shall sell only merchandise subject to approval by 263Marketplace Management.  Questionable items will be removed by the Management if it is judged a poor reflection on the market. Merchants shall not misrepresent or make false claims about any merchandise for sale.

Return Check Fees

Should there be a return check, for whatever reason, 263 Marketplace will attach a $30.00 fee.

263 Marketplace may terminate this agreement for multiple violations of these Building Rules by giving thirty (30) days written notice to the tenant.

Right to Modify
As additions and/or modifications of these rules are required, we will notify all Tenants of these changes in writing, prior to putting the revised rules into effect.